A Lifelong Passion For Photography

I remember the first time I processed my own roll of film in the darkroom of my seventh grade industrial arts class.  The smell of the chemistry, the anticipation of what might be on the film, the magic that took place inside the developing tank, I was hooked!

Since that day I have been pushing the boundaries of my craft, attempting new techniques and honing my skills.  Twenty-two years ago I started on a path of self expression, professional excellence and creativity that allowsBilly me to see the best and worst of humanity through my camera lens, from breaking news events, to weddings, funerals, and the first baby of the New Year.  That early roll of film even set in motion the day that I would meet my wife, a direct result of my profession. Years later I would meet our son (that’s Billy in the picture), and now a second child is on the way, and all these events are directly linked to that single roll of film processed by hand in a darkroom decades ago.

My professional and private worlds revolve around creating the best images I can.  I bring my love for and skill of my craft to work for my clients.  I hope to share a bit of my world with you through this blog.

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