Spring has arrived and it’s baseball season again!

It may be 48 degrees but it feels like spring again.  With the change of seasons one of my favorite sports to photograph is back again and that warms my heart.

I find baseball and softball to be one of the most difficult games to make those peak sports action photographs that show both teams together.  Think about it.  In nearly every other sport the two teams are always interacting and usually the players and the ball are very close to each other.  In baseball and softball 60 feet is about as close as they get.  A play at first or second base is all too common.  When I have the opportunity to capture a collision like the one above, or a squeeze play, that makes the assignment that much more interesting and it’s why for this sport you can never sit back and watch the game.  Having the right equipment only gets you so far, anticipating where the ball will go and what the players are going to do with it is the real challenge.

The collision between the Central Regional and St. John Vianney players was pretty bad but thankfully neither player was injured.  They both jogged off the field as that was the last out of the inning.

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