Santa Claus, surprises and holiday magic

Here’s to great surprises, believing in Santa Claus and a whole lot of holiday magic.  My assignment today for The Asbury Park Press was to photograph the surprise reunion of an active member of the military as his children visited with Santa Claus.  While they were on Santa’s lap the children were asked what they wanted for Christmas.  Five-year-old Mackenzie asked for her dad to come home.  He had been away since June with the US Air Force.  With a little planning by his family members and help from the Ocean County Mall in Toms River, NJ, her father appeared moments later.  Sal Ceraldi, USAF Airman 1st Class and a resident of Jackson, NJ, greeted his surprised children in that magical way only Santa and the holidays can supply.  My favorite photograph from the event was his daughter running to him with out-stretched arms to give him a hug.

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